This was one of my favorite trips that I’ve ever taken. For starters, Mexico is filled with white sand beaches and crystal blue waters and the island of Cozumel is no exception. I spent hours baking in the sun, snorkeling, racing around in a dune buggy, and trying the different cuisine and learning about the culture here.

America is full of rules. Mexico is not. Where we have speed limit signs every 5 minutes to remind us to slow down, the locals in Cozumel say “what’s a speed limit”? I was able to tour the whole entire island in a convertible dune buggy one day, zipping in and out of street corners and standing up on the rear of the car in my bikini with my hair in the wind. It was an incredible experience, and one that I never would have been able to have in the US. Just make sure to watch for oncoming traffic and only drive as fast as you feel safe to do!

The island is also littered with white sand beaches and warm pacific waters to swim in and explore. There are snorkel spots and guides all over the place and the schools of fish and reefs you’ll see are truly breathtaking. There are also other excursions like jet skiing and swimming with dolphins that are more costly but still available for you to try too!

One of my favorite parts of the trip was learning about the history and culture of such a beautiful place. The island is rich in culture and is home to the Mayan ruins which were extremely cool to walk through and talk about with the locals. I was able to go into a Mayan church and see some old stone carvings. There are locals that set up shops nearby too and you can buy handmade jewelry, knives, and even hand woven hammocks (I am guilty of coming home with that one). It is Mexican tradition and folk art to create papel picado, or colorful paper cutouts made into banners and hung around the streets. The bright colors of yellow, green, blue, red, etc were all glinting in the sun and there were hundreds of them. It was so cool to see the culture at work and I can’t imagine how much time was spent creating those colorful cultural banners.

The food here is to die for too. It isn’t uncommon to be served fresh grilled fish that was caught on the beach for lunch at a restaurant. You can also find lots of rice and bean dishes usually paired with chicken or fish, and the dishes are usually a little on the spicy side. Cajun chicken with orange was one of my favorite meals while in Cozumel. Along with coconut water and fresh squeezed juices, I was in heaven.



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