Carnival Cruises

One of the most incredible vacations I’ve ever been on was a western caribbean cruise on Carnival Cruise lines. The destinations themselves weren’t the highlight of my trip, but instead the cruise experience and atmosphere. I boarded the Carnival Splendor and had the week of a lifetime. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. 24/7 Pizza bar. That’s right. Anything from Cheese to pepperoni to margherita pizza….served 24/7. I would run down to the lido deck at 2 am to grab a slice.
  2. Make your own ice cream (also 24/7). Multiple soft serve ice cream machines serving vanilla, chocolate, or twist accompanied by rows and rows of different wafer or sugar cones. Also a midnight snack of mine.
  3. 5 star dinners without the 5 star price. One night I had lobster, another was filet mignon. The desserts ranged from creme brûlée to tiramisu and you could eat as much as you wanted. Some nights I ordered two dinner portions to try them and multiple desserts too. The best part is that the food is included in the price of the cruise, as are gratuities! It seems really cheap in retrospect to other vacations I’ve taken where food costs aren’t already accounted for.
  4. Water slides don the highest deck on the cruise too, making this ideal for teenagers and younger children alike. Families enjoyed these mostly while I stayed in my comfortable spot in one of the many hot tubs also located throughout the decks of the ship.
  5. Multiple destinations. Traveling on a cruise ship was fun because in the span of one week I got to see 4 different countries and places. Flights alone would have costed a fortune so it again was the cheaper route to do the same thing.

Booking with cruise lines is one of the best things you can do for yourself if you’re on a budget. Fees and taxes are included as is the food and transportation. The only thing you’d have to splurge on are excursions, or you could just relax at the beach or in a bar at the various ports. Some people even stay right aboard the ship because of all the pools and bars and attractions already offered.


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